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Available Teams

Roto & H2H Leagues

Available Teams 


C, 1B,  2B, SS, 3B, 4 OF, 2 DH ( Any Position) , Any 7 Pitchers



End of Season Each Team Keeps 8 Players 

Dynasty Leagues Piazza / Ryan / Gwynn / Biggio

Keep 20 plus 10 Minor League Players

To view full rosters please click link. Any teams that are listed as TEAM FOR SALE are available.

Click link to view FULL Rosters

MHS Fantasy Baseball available Teams for 2024

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Regular Head to Head Leagues 

Carlton Fisk H2H League

Team 6 Available

Frank Robinson H2H League 


Joe DiMaggio H2H League 


Team 2 Available

Ty Cobb H2H League


Team 9 Available

Orlando Cepeda H2H League 

Teams 2, 5 Available

Mariano Rivera H2H League


Teams 3, 9,10 Available

Chipper Jones H2H League 

Team 8 Available

Mega $$ Head to Head Leagues 

  Jose Fernandez MEGA $$ H2H League

Team 4 Available

 Eddie Murray MEGA $$ H2H League

Teams 3, 4, 5, 9 Available

 Gary Carter MEGA $$ H2H League


Joe Rudi MEGA $$ H2H League

Teams 5, 9 Available

Kirby Puckett MEGA $$ H2H League

Teams 2 , 4 Available

Reggie Jackson MEGA $$ H2H League

Teams 3 Available

3 Year Re-Draft Head to Head Leagues 

Redraft this offseason

Tom Seaver H2H League - 1 Open Spot Left - NEW DRAFT

Team 3 - New Draft in 2024

Dynasty Head to Head Leagues 

Each Team Will Protect Any 20 Players and 10 Farm Players from Their Roster at the End of Each Season

Mike Piazza H2H League 

Team 6 Available

Craig Biggo H2H League

Team 4, 9 Available

Nolan Ryan H2H League 

Teams 4, 7 Available

Tony Gwynn H2H League 

Teams 5 Available

Roto Full Season Leagues 

 Derek Jeter ROTO League


       Don Drysdale ROTO League

Teams 5, 10 Available

Hank Aaron ROTO League

Team 5 Available


Mickey Mantle ROTO League

Teams 3, 7 Available

Sandy Koufax ROTO League

Team 2, 3, 8 Available

Tommy Agee ROTO League

Teams 1, 4 Available

Ken Griffey Jr. League 

Team 5 Available

 2 Season ( 13 Weeks Each) Roto Leagues 


Roberto Clemente ROTO League

Team 6 Available

Willie Mays ROTO League

Teams 9, 10 Available



Email me at for information on League Fees or any questions.



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