MHS Fantasy Sports
promises to offer each member the best overall fantasy sports product
with reports and cash prizes delivered in a timely manner

  • MHS Fantasy Football offers Head to Head leagues.

  • There are 10 teams in each football league.

  • The Pre-Season Free agent draft order in each league is based on the final standings from the previous season. Each round is done last place to first place. In rounds 3,6,9,12,15 These rounds are First to Last.

  • All MHS Football leagues are continuous leagues. If you win prize money and drop a team or teams, $25 will be deducted from your prize money for each team dropped.

  • Each team may have a maximum of 23 players on their roster.

  • No duplication of players. Players may only be on one team.

  • At the end of each season each team will protect 7 players from their team. Only 2 QB's are allowed to be kept.

  • MHS Sports reserves the right to re-balance the rosters of the teams for sale within a league.

  • Each team owner has the opportunity to change their protected players until 12 NOON Eastern time on Thursday June 22, 2017.

  • A NON REFUNDABLE $25 deposit is required before an owner protects their 7 players.


  • Unlimited trading in each football league.

  • Trading for the 2017 season resumes on Wednesday July 12, 2017.

  • Mega league owners may only trade with teams within 5 places of themselves (above and below) based on Tuesday's standings beginning on Week 8.

  • Players received in a trade and again traded before the league reviews the trades may lead to both trades being cancelled. Also, a player or players received in a trade may NOT be traded back to the same team for 14 days.
    During the playoffs, teams still in the playoffs may NOT trade with teams knocked out of the playoffs.

  • Trades must be emailed by both owners to After a trade is made if 2 or more owners protest the trade is then reviewed by the commissioner.

  • NO trading of draft picks during the regular season.  

  • Credit card payments may be made using the credit card Order Form. Payments can also be made direct from the invoice emailed to you as well as Paypal. Paypal is

  • The last day of trading is Saturday December 9, 2017. Trades MUST being advised BEFORE 2 PM Eastern time.

  • Free agent drafts are done each Thursday morning and are due before 9 AM ET. All picks are entered into the Onroto site by the owners.

  • A maximum of 2 free agents may be drafted each Thursday with rosters not to exceed 23 players.

  • College players may be drafted after the completion of the NFL draft.

  • Players are drafted in the reverse order of the previous weeks standings.

  • The last regular season free agent draft is Thursday December 28, 2017.

  • There are weekly free agent drafts during the MHS Football playoffs.

  • Free agent requests are entered by each owner on your team stats site before 9 AM ET on Thursday's.

  • Weekly lineups consists of 11 players.

  • 1 Quarterback, 2 Running Backs, 1 Tight End, 3 Wide Receivers, 1 Kicker, 1 Defensive team plus two extra players (XP). The extra player may be from any position, but may ONLY be 1 QB.

  • Lineup changes should be made by each owner before gametime on your leagues OnRoto web site. Once the game begins players may NOT be added nor removed.

  • If a lineup is not updated, the previous weeks lineup will be used.

  • Intentional dumping is NOT allowed. Playing injured players may result in being removed from MHS Fantasy Sports.

  • It's the responsibilty of all Owners to update lineups after trades are made. 

  • One division leagues with 10 teams

  • Established league owners will receive multiple team discounts of $10 off your second football team.

  • Refer a friend and receive a $25 reduction in fees towards the following football season for each person you refer to MHS Fantasy Sports, as long as the person you refer keeps their team.

  • All team fees are to be paid in FULL before the start of the season.

  • If an owner threatens an owner/owners or is disruptive to a league, he or she may be removed from league and not be given a refund of fees paid.

  • Once the season has begun there is no refund on fees paid.

  • If a league has more than 4 teams available at the end of the season, it will be the decision of MHS Fantasy Sports in continuing that league.

  • Cash prizes will be paid within 2 weeks of the conclusion of the NFL Super Bowl.
    There is a $35 fee if the bank returns a check 

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