MHS Fantasy Sports
promises to offer each member the best overall fantasy sports product with reports and cash prizes delivered in a timely manner

Pay in FULL by Monday January 18, 2016, and receive a $15  "Early Payment Discount" on drafting a team in a new league.

All MHS Baseball leagues are continuous with each team protecting 8 players at the end of the 2016 season

- MHS Fantasy Baseball -
Draft Schedule:
ROTO Draft - $200
Saturday 3/26/16 - 10 AM ET
First Place: $600 Second Place: $300
Third Place: $100

HEAD 2 HEAD Draft - $200
Saturday 3/26/16 - 3 PM ET
First Place: $500 Second Place: $200
Third Place: $100 Playoff Champion: $200


Purchase an established team for sale at a reduced cost.

Pay in FULL by January 18, 2016,
and receive a $15 "Early Payment Discount" on established teams for sale.

MHS Baseball Preseason Drafts for Established Leagues:

All preseason and regular season free agent drafts will be done online

The preseason draft schedule is listed on the Baseball Reports page under Rosters for Members

All team owners have until 12 NOON ET on Monday January 18, 2016, to change their 8 protected players from last seasons teams.

Free Agent Drafts for the Regular Season:
Weekly drafts are 2 rounds done in the reverse order of Monday's standings

Established leagues will resume trading on Wednesday January 27, 2016.

Reports may be received by fax during the season for a $25 fee.

All drafts are at 3 PM Eastern time

Trades and Free Agents
  • Serving Fantasy Sports players since 1990

  • MHS Fantasy Sports offers fantasy leagues in baseball, basketball and football

  • Statistics updated daily NO hidden fees

  • Unlimited trading in all sports

  • Weekly free agent drafts

  • Great CASH prizes

  • Refer a friend and receive a $35 credit bonus

  • High Scorer of the Week cash prizes in Head to Head Leagues

  • Great customer service offered at all times

  • MHS Sports also runs custom leagues

  • Multiple teams discounts

  • Early payment discounts

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